” The greatest dharma and the best rule of social conduct should be such that our thoughts, speech and action stay totally in sync. The biggest challenge today is that these are not in tandem with each other.”

                                                                                                    ……. Bramharshi   Sri  Devraha  Baba

                                                                   “NOTHING  BUT  TRUTH”

Narrating the story of Harish Chandra, the king of Ayodhya  and a modern day synonym for someone who never lies- to Samvart my grandson  the other day ,proved to be quite a revelation.

The little one  looked bewildered and pained by turn as the story unfolded – how the king first lost his kingdom to sage Vishvamitra and later his wife and son Rohitashva ,sold off as  slaves to a moneyed Brahmin taking a dramatic twist with Rohitashva’s  sudden death due to snake bite and finally the ultimate humiliation of the royal couple who did not have the money to pay the fee for his  last rites .

“Why did they put up with all this nonsense”, demanded to know my daughter Priyanka,  looking angry and agitated. “Too macabre for a child and even an adult “,declared Manjari, my wife who bristled as well.

I differed with her. Samvart , I thought ,needed  to get out of the comforting cocoon of Enid Blyton or Geronimo Stilton — a much recommended read in his fancy Chicago school- and face the world .Sooner he learns to do it , better for him.

Kathopanishad highlighted the issue when Lord Yama tutored Nachiketa on the eternal dilemma of choices between Shreyas ( edifying) and Prayes ( alluring). The contrast is too stark. Prayes ,  well packaged and therefore irresistible while Shreyas , more often than not, looks singularly unattractive. Yet the catch lies in the end result. The alluring journey through  a rose garden may throw up pitfalls and problems proving eventually a true nightmare. The bumpy ride on Shreyas trail , on the other hand, may lead one to true bliss, inner peace ,making the experience deeply satisfying to the seekers.

The mantra here is to hold on to your faith , and not to lose patience and hope. Truth, life has taught me, does triumph and falsehood gets exposed sooner or later. Look around  and you would find countless examples of short -cut success, gone sour.

Harish Chandra , one must concede was one of his own kind. ”There never was or would never be anyone like you”,  Lord Indra exulted and blessed him at the end of his travails .There is no denying the fact that  the benchmark he set is much beyond the reach of us, ordinary mortals,but we can still strive  to be on the same track and begin by making correct choices ,when on cross -roads. Tough , but immensely gratifying .

You can have my word for it. …

2 thoughts on “THE GREATEST DHARMA


    Corruption is not about money and power alone. It is anything and everything that compromises morality. And today morality is the first casualty everywhere — from Parliament to panchayat, from mall to mandi and from stock market to schoolq.

    Today, people who talk about morality and ideals are mocked at and discouraged by colleagues, friends and family. In the name of professionalism and practicality we do or are forced do things which don’t qualify the definition of propriety. Even if we do not contribute in corruption, we are told by peers to remain silent for the sake of livelihood. And, this “conspiracy of silence” has made India a nation of scams. But is there a way out? I think we need more stupid people, well-organised, united and daring, having presence in every section of society. In fact, the country requires “stupidity” of the highest order, to the level of obsession, to combat the deadly virus C which has got into our blood streams and has crippled our conscience.

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