About Mr.Misra

Mr.Misra is a 1977(RR) IPS officer from UP cadre, with a Masters in Botany
and a gold medal in law, from Allahabad University.

Labelled  a “Supercop” by the media during his stint as SSP Ghaziabad, way back
in 1991….when he single handedly took the formidable western U.P. mafia, head
on, to the elimination of dreaded inter-state bandit Dadua , who
spelled terror in UP and MP for well over three decades,  as ADG STF in 2007.
Misra has been well known for his daring and uprightness.

Decorated thrice by the President of India, Misra has to his credit
(1).President’s Police Medal for Gallantry (1984),
(2). President’s Police Medal for
Meritorious Services (1994)
(3).  President’s Police Medal for Distinguished
Services(2000), alongwith
(4). A commendation certificate by the chief minister UP for eliminating Dadua and his gang  .

He created history of sorts in 2007 as the chairperson of a committee, inquiring
into the “infamous police recruitment scam” of UP.  The report lead to
registration of more than 40 criminal cases against 25 senior police officials,
on charges of corruption and malpractices. His findings paved the way for a
complete overhaul of the police recruitment process in UP. The new system has
been lauded by the union home minister and is being replicated in several other

Widely regarded for his social concerns, Misra’s efforts have been formally
recognised & commended by the Uttar Pradesh government for his contribution, in
treatment & rehabilitation of more than hundred and fifty mentally challenged, wandering
destitute men and women, on the streets of  Lucknow.

He is the only police officer in the country,twice nominated by the Govt. of India as
an executive member of the Animal Welfare Board of India, in recognition of his
work towards animal welfare.

He initiated a clean Gomti drive along with a few friends in 1999, through
voluntary ‘Shramdan’.  The endeavour drew appreciation from  the then prime
minister and formed the blueprint of the official ‘Gomti Action Plan’. Same
group has to its credit renovation and reclamation of more than a dozen
neglected parks and water bodies in Lucknow.

He has been successfully spearheading the anti-polythene campaign and
anti-cracker drive during Diwali in Lucknow since 2001.

He lives in Jabalpur,M.P. after retirement and is a member of the NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD
of the NSS, nominated by the Govt Of India.

33 thoughts on “About Mr.Misra

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  2. I am from ghaziabad and I do remember Mr. Misra’s daring acts from the news and his closed acquaintances who are my close friends. Salute to such an IPS officer who is an example for the nation to follow. Wish I can join the forces now and do something for my nation, the corrupt cities specially. But age factor turns me down. Wish to meet him soon when I travel back to India next year.


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  4. Dear Sir
    I have known you for a very long time through various articles published about yourself in print media as one of the most efficient Police officer. I also hope that you will be very successful in your current role of Heading UP Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad, I am following the developments in your organisation for almost an year.
    Please advise if possible to meet you in this regard or write your e-mail. I have tried to reach your through your website, but couldn’t succeed.
    sincere regards,


  5. Sir
    I.am small fray but you link is given by my father inlaw
    I admier you sir .and country and humanity need you.


  6. Hello sir , blessed to have known your thoughts. Salute sir . All the best our wishes and prayers are always with you and wish to meet you once some day . Jai Hind.


  7. Respected Shri Mishra JI,
    I am impressed by your life and philosophy of life. You have lived your life with integrity, love, compassion and national unity and progress. Today for the first time I watched a short 7 minute video of you speaking about sameness in the essence of all religions. The video was “God in Bible Islam and Sanatan Dharma.”. I followed the leads from the video and found out the speaker name, i.e. you and then I looked up more about your activities and life. May God bless you with a long life and resources and help you build the youth for building our nation.

    I could not find out much about your current work or whether you have an organization set up to do your mission (NGO type). Please let us know what ever you can. Last thing I saw somewhere that Yogi JI had appointed you to some New Vrindavan development board.

    My sincere best wishes to you.

    Satish Desai


    • Yogi ji has created a body by the name,”UP Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad “.
      He is the chairman and has nominated me as the vice chairman. Am in Mathura, trying to do my bit.
      Thanks for connecting.


  8. Dear Misra ji,
    I was born and raised in Sirsa, Meja Tehseel in Allahabad District. I live in the USA with my family. We are following Brahmakurari organization here in the USA. My nephew sent me one of your videos that talked about religious fighting over trivial matters. We understand the concept of the soul and we practice Rajyoga meditation. It was very nice to hear about our nirakari and nirankari param pita parmeshwar from your point of view. You have been doing excellent service to the country. I found out about you today only. I will start following your messages on YouTube. Om Shanti 🙏🙏


  9. I recently saw some videos of Shri S Misra, each one of them are full of patriotism and love for India.
    I really wish if I can work with him to establish many rotten systems in our society.
    I hail from Bihar and now settled in Mumbai but have lots of wishes to do some good work for biharies and similar social issues.
    May God give me an opportunity to meet Shri Misra once.
    Jayant Akhaury


  10. Saw your inspiring speech on YouTube regarding the one true source of all religions.Thank you for sharing your beautiful and enlightening thoughts.
    It is not surprising this comes from you.
    I know you well from your days as SP city Aligarh … the volleyball match you took part Police Vs PAC . Also punishing e’ve teasers near girls college.
    My Dad was posted there as Commandant 38th bn PAC … Late Mr SKA Rizvi.
    Feels great to know about You and your thoughts and accomplishments.
    May God keep you happy and healthy
    Ahsan Rizvi


  11. Dear Sir, I heard you on a video shared among friends. You talked of the single path to salvation. You said people spend on Diwali,abolition of Sati Praths and how,all religions are equal. I would be happy if you could dwell on subjects like Dar-ul-Islam, Dar-ul-Hurb,words like kaffir,jihad,umma,conversions. It is extremely easy for all of us Hindus to condemn our own faith and degrade ourselves but nobody has guts to talk about political Islam surreptitiously operating in India to make Dar-ul-Islam. I would suggest when you condemn Hindu religion, please always talk about political Islam, Umma, how it creates social divide and conflict. If you address these issues in totality, you may be doing justice. I know you can’t dare to address it because then secularism will be under severe threat. We cannot and should never shy of problems. Let us address them and get an answer.
    Thanks and Best regards,

    Shyam Sharma


  12. Dear Sir,
    I came across to see your 7 mins video on equality of religions. After a very long time, I am so impressed with someone’s views on this topic. I also believe in the philosophy of ‘अद्वैत’. Your video was forwarded to me by my father. I am a born brahmin and received this religious philosophy from my father himself and accepted it after a lot of ‘मंथन’.
    Can I have your email-ID to share the thoughts?
    I am currently placed in Jamshedpur.


  13. Hello Sir
    My name is Bhushan Tyagi belongs to District Ghaziabad. I always used to remember you whenever I recite the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita.Your good work and elimination of goons during your tenure as SSP. Ghaziabad was known to murders,and ransom in those days I was deeply impressed the shloka of Shrimad Bhagwat Gitaji which was written in every Police station of DIstrict Ghaziabad at that time about 29 years back. परित्राणां साधुनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् I used to remember you everyday.
    My Best Regards


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